Golden Harvest Church is part of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist movement of approximately 18.1 million members. Randburg has been identified as our primary focus area in fulfilling our evangelistic mission. Our church has approximately 380 members on record, with an estimated 400 attending weekly programs.

Golden Harvest SDA church was established in 1998. This happened when 13 familes that were worshipping at Johannesburg North SDA Church in Linden resolved to start a new church under the Trans Orange Conference (TOC). The church commenced its worship services at Golden Harvest Park located in Randburg. The congregation resolved to name itself after its first place of worship, Golden Harvest Park.

Golden Harvest SDA Church has established itself as a church that strives in evangelism. As a result of such evangelist efforts, the following churches were borne out of Golden Harvest evangelist campaigns;

  •  Windsor SDA Church.
  • Zandspruit SDA Church.
  •  Cosmo SDA Church.
  •  Advent Hope SDA Church.
  •  Bloubosrand Church.


Currently the church is overseeing the following companies and universities;

  •  City 7 Church;
  •  WITS University;
  •  Monash University.


Our Church Pastors

Pastor Paul Magagula

Local Church Pastor

Pastor Oetla Simankane

Local Church Pastor